Happy New Year

Holy crap on a cracker! It's 2018 and I can remember the years of my youth when I thought that 2018 was so futuristic. Either I am getting old or I had one hell of an imagination. This year like every year I am determined to make my life better. It's funny how we spend so much time thinking how to make our lives better but never really put it in to action. So in order for me to make this words that I say happen I am putting them out there for you to see and hold my ass accountable. If you need me to do that for you too let me know, happy to do so. 

FIRST: Say good-bye to self doubt. 
How many of us as business owners struggle with this? We get so busy, we start thinking negative things and think we can't instead of "OH I GOT THIS!". Well NO MORE I tell you. I have noticed with the growth our business has had last year I let this little demon get the best of me. Yep. I am human and I had a few little crying sessions because of self doubt. So if you think I have a perfect handle on things...think again. I get caught up in things I shouldn't, let others dictate how I SHOULD feel and that starts the self doubt spiral. We all have had that happen and if you tell me no, then good for you. Tell me your secrets!


SECOND: Be a Badass with a Good Ass!
Yep, exactly that. I notice that when I work out my mind, my spirit and my soul are in tune with everything and I can tell that self doubt "bye bitch" easier than if I don't. Working out helps me with that. Did you know that working out with weights helps you become more productive and handle more things as once? Also dancing helps with memory. Along with this stationery life I have I teach Zumba one day a week. It totally lifts my moods from blah to amazing. And do does working out in general. This year, get on that schedule of working out. 

THIRD: Listen more.
Sounds simple. But really listening is hard work and listening to your gut is the hardest. I said yes to things that I thought would be good for me and my business. Ya, no it really wasn't and once I listened to my gut I felt better about a lot of things. I jumped into saying yes to things that I thought would be good, but it stressed me out more. My heart wasn't in it and at the end of the day took me further away from my end goal. Um ya, gotta listen to that gut.

So there. Three simple things to help start this New Year right. Share what your top three things are for your 2018. What are you doing to better yourself? 


THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BUTT! (I would say heart but my butt is bigger)

 Our folded notecards! Find them at your local store. See  stockist  page for the one near you. 

Our folded notecards! Find them at your local store. See stockist page for the one near you. 

Hi :)
AAAAAND WE ARE BACK, my Wine Down Wednesday wonder women and men. I have been unable to human today (wait – that’s like, always lollll), and so this is late… BUT better late than not at all, amirite?  Yah.
This is a quick post but completely valuable.
I have a secret for you.
And it is about to change your life – I promise.
What I am going to tell you is just SO UTTERLY IMPORTANT.
For you. For your children. For your parents or grandparents. For your neighbor. For that one dude/chick you see every single time you go to the grocery store.  For the person who just served your meal. For your favorite barista at that coffee shop. For your spouse who folded the laundry. For that stranger that just held the door for you… hell – for the person who just smiled at you while passing by.
Are you ready?
K good because here it is:
SECRET: Saying thank-you is 100% a game changer and will bring more love, compassion, and meaning into your life.
It is so elementary, right? Manners you have probably been taught since you were a child? Yes, I’m sure.
But how often do you really take the time to sincerely say thank you, and not just for the big things.  
Take the time every single day. READ: EVERY SINGLE DAY… to tell someone thank you - for who they are; how they may have changed your day, week, or life; for loving you; for loving your friends or family; or for simply taking out the freaking garbage… JUST SAY THANK YOU AND FIND MEANING IT.
CLICK HERE for a 3 mintute TED Talk on the importance of saying thank you – you won’t regret it.
TODAY, I thankful for you, Lisa - for your zealous heart. Thank you for never giving up on your dreams. Thank you for trusting me with your brand (which quite frankly is your whole heart). Thank you for being the best role model and Zumba Instructor there ever was. Thank you for being a good woman. You’re deserving of the whole world. Thank you for your passion. To those reading this, please take a moment to check this woman out. Let’s lift her up for all that she is and everything she is doing: Paper Goods That Lift You Up

Lisa chiming in!!! Rebekah Ann I can't thank you enough for taking this journey with me. You are my little ray of sunshine and my positive reinforcement when I have a "shit" day. Seriously every one, she finds the good in every situation. Thank you for walking into my Zumba class and never leaving! MUAH! 

So tell us….who are you going to thank today?
With Kindness,

 photo by Arrington Vineyard 

photo by Arrington Vineyard 

We want a sweet wine – sweet as a thank you. So we are featuring a local wine from the one and only Arrington Vinyards – Blackberry (dessert wine).
You might as well buy two bottles. Cheers! 

Starting a movement

 My daily life and I am happy!

My daily life and I am happy!

This past year friends has been insane. Last February I went to Trade Show Paper Camp and got the validation I needed to jump off that cliff to make my business the priority it needed. It was by far one of the BEST decisions I ever made. Then I got my little self ready for the National Stationery Show which was amazing, took that win and got myself a few reps, went to the Las Vegas Gift Mart and bam-this is working! I can't stress how crazy and exhilarating the ride has been and continues to be. 

Why is today the day I post about this? Well let me tell you. It is exactly 5 years ago I lost my mom. It was 5 years ago my heart broke into a million and one pieces and no one or no thing could put it back together again. Sure if you knew my mom and I we had our moments but we also had a connection that a nuclear bomb could not destroy. As I have taken this journey to make a successful business, I yearn for her to be here with me as I make every decision. She was so savvy with business and honest to a fault-I NEED THAT! She knew it and that's why she spoke to me in the manner that she did. It was a push that gave the fire inside me more heat.  You know what I am talking about right? That one person that knows how to push you to excel to the best version of yourself. Yep she was that. She also had a bit of a control thing to her but I learned to navigate it and made it seem like it was her idea. Years of practice I tell you. 

In honor of all moms that motivate... what I am about to tell you is connected (connect how?? Explain to me what you mean and then I'll edit this little section!) and a little serendipitous in a way. I partnered with iFundWomen.com to launch a campaign to grow my business. It is pretty amazing because, well, it is all about us females kicking ass and taking control of our destiny. My campaign is to grow the business to a larger scale - one that will allow me to employ people and get the business out of this house. OYE! I want to employ those with special needs and give them a chance to succeed. My son, as you know, is autistic and bipolar; therefore, the chances for him to get a job right out of high school or even now are slim. Not many want to take a risk. It's sad really I must admit. That being said, I am going to be the warrior mom that makes a career for my son and others like him. Are you with me? If you are, then go here to read all about it. https://ifundwomen.com/projects/tiramisupaperie

Also, my mom would be pretty excited about this - she loved my son and he adored her. He still asks for her when he has a bad day. Trust me buddy, I do too. Please, today hug your mom a little tighter. Call and tell her you love her. I am serious! You need to, no matter how old you are. And if you are like me and have lost your mom, I got you! I am sending you hugs and more hugs. All the love to you - 


Merry F'ing Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, people. This means celebrations are in order: bring on family time, friends, ugly sweaters, festive parties, Santa, engagements, Elf, decorated trees, twinkling lights, delicious desserts, food, and of course, wine (duh – wine down Wednesday so I had to include it. But also, wine is obvi important regardless of the day of the week so……………………..) 

This time of year can also be the most melancholy and lonesome for many people for a plethora of reasons; therefore, this blog post simply challenges you to tell those around how much they mean to you today. Tell them your favorite memory together. Tell them your first impression of them when you first met. Tell them the moment you knew they were someone special, and you knew they were needed in your life. Tell with them why you appreciate and treasure who they are,wholeheartedly.

Let’s share the love this season – the cost is free. Be thankful. Be hopeful. Be kind.

Sappy post over – bahumbug, bitch.

Below, my friends, is some exciting stuff, and all I can say is YOU ARE WELCOME.

Eola Hills Wine Cellers has a series of wine entitled “Reindeer Label Series” that you MUST check out because 1) the names are incredible and 2) they each come with a poem as their description. I. Cannot. EVEN. There is time to order before Christmas so DO IT NOW!

Personal favorite is the Rudolph’s Red, which is a pinot noir:


 Photo by Eola Hills Wine Cellers

Photo by Eola Hills Wine Cellers

History tells us of that famous flight
When Rudolph’s nose lit up the night. 
But down in the cellar, Santa was thinking
“What special wine would people be drinking?” 
The elves and the reindeer were gathered around
In hopes that a holiday wine would be found. 
Then Rudy stepped forward, the place was a hush
“Let’s bottle a red, we’ve already got a blush.” 
“You’re right,” Santa exclaimed, “Red wine we can do! 
Thanks, dear Rudy, we’ll name it for you.” 
So Rudolph’s red is the newest edition
Just in time for this Christmas tradition.

So drink all the wine - you’ll be out like a light,

Merry F’ing Christmas to all, and to all a good night. 

Anything is Possible with a Little Sunshine and a Whole Lot of Wine

Well hello again, friends. Happy Hump Day! 

                          TIRAMISU PAPERIE WINE TAGS. 

                         TIRAMISU PAPERIE WINE TAGS. 

It’s November 2016 – you know what that means? We are about to find out who the next president of our US of A is going to be and I have nothing else to say about that. Lololol onward….

While researching what wine I wanted to feature for today’s post, I just so happened to google what urban dictionary defined “wine” as. Also, if you haven’t heard of urban dictionary, please click on the link and type in your name. Clearly credible and reliable, right? 

Urban Dictionary’s definition of wine is as follows: form of dance, involves gyration of hips, can be slow or fast must always be sexy. performed to mainly west indian music like reggae, calypso and soca.

This is probably the best connection I have ever come across. Wine and dancing – two of my favorite things! It’s like heaven. And I just thought of some common dancing quotes and replaced them with wine and I truly think wine makes them better, you tell me:
Shut up and wine with me. 
(Drink) wine like no is watching.
Never miss the chance to wine.


I know, you guys – this is just rich. Basically my inspiration for you today is simply this: to dance. Have wine. Or do both because the wine may help the dancing idk. BE THAT RAY OF SUNSHINE. Let loose. Just go with it… because anything is possible with a little sunshine and whole lot of wine! I can tell you this is so true.

Lisa and I have had soooo many wine nights talking about planning a Zumbathon, and it finally has happened. Seriously this has been in the works for a year now. ( and yes, those wine nights absolutely included lots of dancing.)

On Tuesday, November 8th (yes, you are correct. That is election night) from 6:00pm sharp to 8:00pm at Acme Feed & Seed downtown Nashville, we are leading our first ZUMBATHON! Take a break from the madness that is this year’s election and DANCE (or wine) TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Suggested $10 donation with all proceeds will be going to Autism TN. This night is extra special and I am going to let Lisa tell you why. 

Hi friends! Lisa here! On November 8th, we are also celebrating my son's 16th birthday! I have a hard time knowing I have a son this old but that is not the topic. You see, at the age of 3 my son was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. Talk about a shock to your system.

Now if you don't know what Autism is here you go...  Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. Autism appears to have its roots in very early brain development. 

As a parent with a special needs child you go through a range of emotions from guilt-did I do something when I was pregnant to cause this, to sadness-will he ever have friends and to a sense of accomplishment-yes he finally can tie his shoes! Yep, he finally mastered that last year. During the years of therapy and support groups for him you come across others who share your same battle and these people are amazing! However there are some families that do not have that support. 

 Photo by ONE HOPE WINE. 

Photo by ONE HOPE WINE. 

I have found a majority of my support system through Zumba and dancing out the stress of having to deal with doctors, therapists, pharmacies, play groups, behavior therapy and more. So why not do a Zumbathon that can help Autism TN that can provide this for those families that need it. 

SO COME OUT AND JOIN US! Bring yourself and a friend or 7. For more information, contact Lisa or myself . We have the amazing Josh Hish as our DJ that evening as well. Check him out – he is FANTASTIC! We look forward to seeing you there :)

And now for our featured wine: I want to give the biggest shout out to One Hope Wine who is striving to make the world a better place, one wine at a time. They have wine supporting a variety of causes, but one in particular is their cabernet sauvignon – each purchase supports children with autism, which obviously has a direct connection to our event, and of course, Tiramisu Paperie! THANK YOU, One Hope Wine, for your passion, your commitment, and your kindness to give back. Know that what your do is so special and does not go unnoticed. We appreciate you. 

With love, sunshine and wine, 
L & R

Wine Down Wednesday: OH - ME SO HORNY.

Let’s talk about sex today.

Wait – did she say sex?

Yup. Don’t be uncomfortable – it is so normal. Human nature. A great, great thing. And you should have it more often because IT. IS. GOOD. FOR. YOU.

Please just stop with the excuses: “I’m too tired.” “I have too much going on.” “I have kids.” “I’m annoyed with my husband/boyfriend.” “We have been together for so long….” Blah………. I am rolling my eyes at you and I don’t want to hear it because I CANNOT. 

Now, I am not saying those aren’t valid excuses – they are. I am just saying that they should not be the excuse EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Be sexual, people. There are countless reasons why sex is beneficial for you, but the following are my favorites that I found while reading up on this:

1)   Exercise
Yes. Exercise that actually feels amazing and is FUN. (I mean besides Zumba – LOL jk. But really.) Anway, you get the point. Put on your fitbits and see how many calories you burn the next time you and your sexual are doing the dirty – I am really curious. I’ve read anywhere from 100-300 calories depending on position and duration can be burned during sex. I need real stats. Let’s sexercise more, people.

2)   You got that gl-O-w
READ: Basically sex makes you beautiful. 

3)    Pain Reliever
Headache? Cramps? NO PROBLEM – HAVE SEX.  According to the Mayo Clinic and probably every other person in medical practice/research field can tell you that orgasms release endorphins and endorphins make you feel good! I.E. relieve headaches, cramps, or any other pain you may have. Furthermore these endorphins also help to relax your body – so do the dirty before you go to bed so you can sleep better too! CHA CHA CHA.

4)   An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away…..
I can’t make this shit up. I just read about this - Dr. Lisa from Duke University states that having sex up to 200 times per year could increase your lifespan…. UP TO SIX YEARS. Say what? She also states that this is a natural boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence; therefore, see yah lata, depression. Serious question though: how good is it to feel sexy?  It truly is empowering and I guarantee guys love a confident woman in the bedroom.

I hate feeling sexy…” said no one ever. Let’s get it on, guys. 

5)   Better start than your morning coffee
Now this is saying a lot because I love coffee. I have it every morning. But according to Dr. Debby Herbenick who is a sex researcher at Indiana University and a sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute states that starting your day with that morning O boosts your mood and also your immune system – so you’ll be feeling better ALL DAY LONG! No one wants to be around a crab. So don’t worry. Have sex. Be happy.

 This California Red Wine curls my toes! Photo by SLO Down Wines

This California Red Wine curls my toes!
Photo by SLO Down Wines

Lisa here and Hahahah!
Considering that I have been married for 18 years this makes me laugh because I know it's all true but life happens. Because life happens and the sex thing doesn't always happen after a day of working, being a mom taxi, working out, dealing with a hot mess of a dirty house I am going to rock drinking some Sexual Chocolate instead. Why? Well I don't have to wax for a glass of red wine, shave my legs or worry about how my body looks naked. Granted, I shouldn't be so worried but whether you birthed one kid or 6 you just do. This red takes me to another place! It's equivalent to having an orgasm that makes your body shake and your eyes roll back-yeah!!! My stress level drops and I am smiling a glow of a happy woman! Cheers! (Sorry hubby.)

Now please, go be sexual. And if you don’t agree, prove me wrong. And to all the men out there reading this – you can send your thank you notes to Lisa and myself at 76 North Watkins… JK. ;) 


L & R

p.s. I am seriously curious – how many calories did you burn? 


Wine Down Wednesday: Be F'ing Brave

Be F’ing Brave

Oh heyyyy, good people – happy Wine Down Wednesday part II,
and I have a serious question for you: On a scale of 1-Sara Bareilles, how brave are you? 

(Laugh at my joke and then seriously ask yourself the question… and if you are not yelling "SAY WHAT YOU WANNA SAYYYYYY" right now, well then a) google that and b) you need to read this post)

My roommate and myself found ourselves having an amazing discussion on what it means to be brave in today’s society. We came to the conclusion that the following four topics (in no particular order) are extremely common fears/doubts we all have had one time or another, or honestly, still have…. but if you seek bravery, I know you will live a happier, richer life and most importantly, you will come to wholeheartedly love yourself for who you are. 

1) Falling in love again

It is never easy when a relationship or marriage comes to and end, no matter how long it lasted. Also, I think we should all acknowledge that it can be equally as heartbreaking to be the dumper as it is to be the dumpy (and this is coming from someone who has been left 3 times HAHA – glad I can laugh about it now). But regardless, I get it - it’s emotionally and physically exhausting, time consuming, and brutally painful. That feeling in the pit of your stomach is something you can never forget about. I think it’s safe to say that after a relationship, we typically tend to play the ‘poor me’ card: what if I never find someone again? What if I never love someone like that again? Or worse…what if no one will ever love ME again?Which are completely normal thoughts, by the way. It’s a vicious cycle that plays on repeat in your head probably 95% of your day for some time after, but we cannot let that mindset control your future relationships. 

Take courage. 

Love is a special, special thing. It is NEVER something to take for granted or doubt. You can and you will be able to love and be loved again, even after whatever pain you are experiencing. It may not seem okay now, but I promise it will all make sense in the end. Love is a peculiar thing and it’s definitely worth the fight. Just be brave.  

2) Self Worth

NEVER EVER EVER… let anyone make you feel inferior. You are here for a reason—a very unique purpose. No one can take that from you: no one. Yes, we all have our bad habits, our ugly moments and decisions, or our “messes”…. but remember? We embrace the glorious mess that we are. Maybe you’re getting slack from your best friend, your parents, husband, wife, etc… Maybe you were turned away or lost your job. Whatever happens in your life that challenges your self-worth, IGNORE IT..

Hey friends, Lisa here. Oh do I ever struggle with my own self worth. This is something no matter what good things that happen to me I question myself and ask do I actually deserve what is happening. I have a little more years on Rebekah and trust me I have made some stupid ugly decisions and have had some serious life messes. Those messes and decisions have taught me to learn to love myself, forgive myself and realize that what I am going through I need to be open to the experience and I do deserve the success that I am having. I have lost it all and now I am on an upswing of things that are good. It took me a long time to realize that I need to appreciate what is happening. People question what I do constantly with Tiramisu Paperie and make me question what I am constantly doing. So I have to learn daily to let them question because myself worth is not dependent on their judgement. Just be brave.

3) Forgiveness

This is by far easier said than done. It takes an incredible amount of that selflessness to forgive someone, it really does. You must set your ego aside, along with your frustration, anger, bitterness, sadness, hurt and resentment. Those emotions will only linger in your head and hurt, and probably bring more negativity into your life. Seriously, how exhausting is it to hold a grudge? In all honesty, if it is not exhausting for you, I need to understand how so please, let’s get coffee and discuss.. Don’t waste negative energy on people who do not enrich your soul. Choose to be kind to them, let whatever it is that they did to you go, and love them anyway. You will not regret it. Like I said, this is definitely not easy… but just be brave. 

4) Failure

This one hits closest to home for me personally. My roommate and I have lived under the same roof for literally 8 years. And long story short: within a matter of three weeks we decided that we were going to move to Nashville after graduation… so, without a job, without knowing anyone, without even seeing our apartment (yay Skype), aaaaand without an instrument because we are not in the music biz, we packed our cars with whatever could fit and made our way down south. We had come to find out about a year after we made it in music city that several of our closest friends had actually said “We expected you to fail…” and honestly, I was scared we would too. It’s not like we had mom and dad’s paychecks down here because we seriously didn’t. We had what we brought from home and nothing else. I have never cried myself to sleep more nights in my life. It was absolutely terrifying. 

And yet, here we are. With jobs, friends, and a cute house in East Nashville.

The fear of failure has the power to destroy your confidence, drive, and hope. But here’s the secret: it’s okay to fail. It is the only way we can truly learn. It humanizes us, giving us the little reminder that we are not perfect. Failure should not scare you. It should challenge you to be better. It’s the ultimate test of your bravery… 

So just be brave.  

So tell us.. How are you going to show how big your brave is today? 

Here, I’ll save you the google search: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUQsqBqxoR4

WINE: Cab Sav from Justin Winery – BE BOLD. Just like the wine :) 


Wine Down Wednesday: Embrace The Glorious Mess That You Are

Alarm Buzzing.

No. Just 5 more minutes. (which now turned into 30 mins and you’re going to be late.)

Coffee. Traffic. Phone call. Spilled coffee. Twenty unread emails. Four text messages. Left the laundry in the washer-Oh my God the Smell! Annnnnd now your coffee is cold. Ugh. It’s only 8:45am…how am I going to get through this day today? Is it tomorrow yet?...

I am sure this is looking all too familiar for some of you—I know I have been here, more often than not if I’m being honest because let’s face it—life is messy. I have a first class ticket on that hot mess express basically every day of my life. And then I spend my day pondering what I should have done. Or what I could be doing. Or what I am going to do next time and blah blah blah—trying to perfect every detail of my day…

But why?

Seriously though—in the grand scheme of things, do you ever just take a step back when you are consumed with the idea of perfection and ask yourself “is this really worth it?”

I am not saying you shouldn’t strive for perfection—you should. You should want to be the best version of yourself. You should want to be passionate about what you do. You should give it all you got. But if you make a mistake, miss that opportunity, … if you fail… it’s okay. It really is.

Last night I was supposed to have a draft of this blog post completed, but then I subbed a Zumba class, and then my house was infected by cockroaches. YES - COCKROACHES. And then I was in this huge panic because I needed to get this blog done because I said I would and I want to be true to my word. Then my father called me and wanted to chat and I couldn’t pass that up. I haven’t been getting a ton of sleep lately because I am working on so many projects that are consuming my time and the anxiety of getting everything done was just building… it’s 12:00am and I just sat down to write the post and all I could think about was: I need to get this done, I need to get this done… And yet, here I am finishing this Wednesday morning (which is late by the way)—and that is okay with me. (Sorry, Lisa—forgive me) 

Lisa here and my life is a constant mess and you know-it's okay. My office looks horrible, my car looks like a pack rat lives in the back seat. I have to-do lists a mile long and I have boxes upon boxes of product that I can't organize until I have space. But its okay. I am happy despite all of this. Why? Well...

We have a choice every day in how we react. We can either choose to accept what is happening in our lives and take it on full force, or we can choose to let the little messes beat us down: emotionally, physically, and mentally. And that is just exhausting and a waste of our precious energy. Finances, children, sickness, clutter, forgetfulness, marriage, family, sports, career or whatever your mess may be… please, do not let that consume your life in a negative way. CHOOSE to embrace it. Embrace the glorious mess that you are. No one has it all together and if they say they do, they are LYING. It is a part of being human. But what can set you apart—what can make the difference… is all on you—glorious you. Make the choice. 

WEDNESDAY WINE: RELAX Riesling… so you can relax. You’re not alone in your mess! Drink up, buttercup. Tomorrow is another day. Another mess. Another glorious you.



p.s. THE COCKROACH PROBLEM IS STILL A THING FOR ME, but I will just choose to see them as little friends and potentially name them. It’s the little thing in life…


Hello, Sunshines –  

Can we all just take a moment to say together:
T - G – I – F …
I know. Feels good, right? Like that first sip of your morning cup of joe that you had today. Mmmm.

It’s been a while since our last blog post—it’s a good thing though, really. Tiramisu Paperie has had some pretty exciting things happening lately. Those details to come later! But for now… I’m truly delighted to introduce to you our next blog series:


Let me break it down for you:


Every Wednesday. Why Wednesday? BECAUSE WEDNESDAY – need I say more? And also Wednesday and Wine sound nice together. Alliteration for the win.


Yours truly: Lisa and Rebekah* (wait, who is Rebekah? See below)


There will be a theme to every post and that theme will also be your mantra for the week.


We will pair a different wine with every post because wine is simply always the answer to every problem. Fact. Google it.


Consider this as a “you’re thinking it, we are going to say it” post that will hopefully inspire, encourage, amuse, and reassure you that you are not alone in this world. WARNING: This will be real. This will be raw. Shit happens…  and we will get through it – together.

SO – who is excited for their first Wine Down Wednesday? (LOL who has every been excited about a Wednesday let’s be honest here…

Stay tuned…

L & R


hello! I’m rebekah ( aka tiramisu paperie's social chair). 
i love the stillness of the morning. chocolate makes the world go ‘round. I have a degree in communication and english. i think elephants are the most beautiful, fascinating creatures ever created. red wine and coffee truly are good for the soul. my favorite color is peach. foggy, rainy days are my favorite. i teach zumba and i love it. i was born and raised in small town, south dakota. never mistake my kindness for weakness. laughing is the best. i believe in Love, miracles, and happily ever after. and yes, dreams do come true. 

The Biggest Reason

When you decided to start working for yourself there are many reasons to do so. For instance, you want to be your own boss for starters, you want freedom in your day, you want to follow your passion, you want to work on your terms etc. Those are all pretty true with me however my reason is bigger than that. My reason is 15 years old, 200 pounds and sometimes drives me to be a little punchy when can't let go. His name is Michael and he is my son. 

Michael is the reason for me starting this company Tiramisu Paperie along with doing what I love-design. You see he is on the Autism spectrum along with sensory processing disorder and bipolar. Yep my hands are full and I truly believe that he is the biggest blessing I could of ever asked for. He has taught me more than I could ever imagine. Now for my friends that truly know me, I do not favor patience however I have gotten better because of this kid. He has helped me learn to just let shit go and not care what others think, he has taught me to just be, to be authentic, to be direct-which I already was now I am even stronger with that sorry. I probably know more about Star Wars™ than the average woman and can appreciate the same movie over and over and over again. Now when he keeps rewinding to the same spot that tests my limits.

As Michael is getting older I am learning that he may not be able to have the typical college life or career for sustaining on his own financially. There are awesome college programs for kids like him and he will be part of them. Now what he wants to do for a living is a matter that is different all together. So this is where Tiramisu Paperie comes in. A-ha!

 This kid is a BADASS! Love him! Photo by Amy Nichole Photography

This kid is a BADASS! Love him! Photo by Amy Nichole Photography

This company is for him, I am going to give him a future that will allow him to pay his bills, buy his games and more. He has been helping me sort cards, organize the items, bag card and tags, stuff pillows and help with other little jobs. His organizations skills and attention to detail come in handy when you are sorting out orders. Any way I can get him involved I will. I want him to have responsibility and knowing that when you work hard you do get rewarded. His reward is more video games right now and if he wants them he has to help and know the value of things-games are f'ing expensive! I know right now he doesn't see the big picture, he may never truly do. But I hope that one day it may click. 

Now I know some people think that well its just cards with type but you know what, you don't have to get it but if you can see that this is something for Michael then you are open to understanding this mission. I will do what ever it takes to make sure he is successful, I will defend him to the ends of the Earth and not stop until he is best possible version of himself. This kid is a badass and he is mine! What these cards say are little motivations to get me and others through the day because having a special needs child is not a walk in the park. You have days where you feel emotionally and physically exhausted. You are constantly fighting battles that are with doctors, medicines, therapies, no you can't wear the same clothes 5 days in a row, please try this food, please go outside and get sun, sounds that set him off, etc. It can be daunting but it is also rewarding when he can overcome some of these things. 

When you see our products in stores or online, know that Michael has a hand in it. Together he and I will make sure your spirits are lifted and you smile knowing we gave you a little pick me up. 

My week at NSS2016

 Thanks Cindy from  Letter parade  for capturing my true self! 

Thanks Cindy from Letter parade for capturing my true self! 

Yep you read that right a week at NSS2016. This past week has been a life changing experience in ways I cannot begin to explain but I will do my best. First let me just preface that this experience is something that a few or more will not understand so if things seem too simple in my explanation, this is for them to see how big of a deal this is. Now I am not one to always say look at me, but "holy shit look at me I did it"! Why am I saying this, well it's simple, I decided to jump and fly. My life has been pretty good overall but it also has been hit with some pretty heavy stuff. That heavy stuff stopped me from moving forward and chasing my dreams. So this is my week where I literally packed my bags and went after those dreams like a crazy lady. 

The National Stationery Show isn't your little neighborhood market, no ma'am. This is where the big dogs come to and decide what is going in to their store. Yes their store! Stores range from cute little small businesses all the way to big box stores. This is 100% wholesale and straight up business. The show has been around 70 years and the people involved are deeply rooted in the love of paper. I mean who doesn't love paper?  

On Thursday, I got up and walked to the Javits Center and checked out my space. Seeing your name ready to go was pretty awesome. I laid out my floors and allowed Manny Stone to come in and put up my booth walls. Once that was done, my eyes watered when I realized I am really doing this. I mean really and truly putting myself out there. That afternoon until the night I put up my product tags and started putting up my line. At 9pm they tell you its time to wrap it up. So off to bed I go. 

Friday, I got up early, grabbed my big huge honkin' coffee and started putting up the rest of my product. If you know me, I put on my music and danced as I hung each product. Yeah, I am that girl. Then at 3pm, my little partner in crime arrived! Granted most things were done but other details were needing to be finished and damn, she took over and helped me get things done. We schlepped through the rain to grab baskets and containers to fill the space and hide our junk. As well as wine. Come on you would grab a bottle or two if you were us. Once we were done we celebrated! Then Saturday before the show we played a little. It was the perfect reward. 

We walked to the 9/11 memorial and trust me its a must see. I was in awe and in tears. My heart broke reliving those moments and honestly, I needed to pay my respects to those we lost. We all do honestly. Then we tracked to Ellis Island looked around and decided the boat ride wait for 1.5hrs was not for us. HA! But taking the wrong subway was an 1.5 hrs mistake so we should of stayed-just sayin'. Then it was to Time Square which is one thing everyone who visits wants to do right? 


Holy crap I was so nervous. The day started fast and it was such a whirlwind. I have done so many little pop-up shows that this was a different level. You are talking to buyers with serious buying power and its pretty damn awesome. The game at that moment totally changed of what I was doing. I realized that I am really going after what I want.  We ended the day with sales and contacts that I wanted. 


This was the day. It was a steady stream of people coming in and out of your booth, the biggest day of sales for a majority of us showing. Oh did I mention the amazing people who were next to my booth? They were awesome! They have an energy that made our slow times more exciting. Their sense of humor was right in line with me as well as being slightly offensive...LOVE THEM! 


It was a tad slower. No worries, had still a good day. That night we hit the Oh So Beautiful Paper Party with our friends, 417press and That Sky Blue. LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Met awesome letterpress people like Czar Press and Gilah Press which felt like I knew them forever. 

 AT THE PAPER PARTY-we may or may not remember taking this photo. With LITSA from THAT SKY BLUE. 

AT THE PAPER PARTY-we may or may not remember taking this photo. With LITSA from THAT SKY BLUE. 

 I should of had only one of these. Two was not a smart.

I should of had only one of these. Two was not a smart.

Day 4

The last day, I am by myself in my booth and this was officially the slowest day, yet still was amazing. I started feeling a little sad knowing this journey was ending. I loved how I felt this week and how it was connecting with others who really understood my journey. I know that the real work starts when I get back but when there is crazy energy that is inspiring you to push harder, kick more ass than before you don't want it to stop. I am beyond grateful that my girls from Tradeshow Paper Camp helped me break down. 1 hour to break down after days of putting up, so hard to explain how crazy that is. 

 My paper camp sisters helping me break it down! 

My paper camp sisters helping me break it down! 

Going home

I am back now filling orders, getting my ducks in a row and taking the necessary steps in making this work for the teenager. At the end of the day, this may be my big dream but it is mainly his future. Knowing that one day he will have a way to generate income and live a life without any financial stress makes this experience even more rewarding. 




So I have been tackling my list like a mofo and keeping things in line. People I am not a big woo-woo person, but I am going to do it if helps me focus and get all my little cute ducks in a row. I am working out, yoga, eating healthy, sleeping reasonably, meditation (it's hilarious watching me sit still),  using oils in my diet and in a diffusor. This woman is determined! Now I know when I get there I will forget one essential thing, like always it's either my deodorant or my toothbrush. HA! At least I am consistent.  

As I am getting ready for this "big jump", just want to show you some of the newer products debuting.  I have more but you know a little at a time. 

 Tiramisu Paperie © 2016

Tiramisu Paperie © 2016



Stay tuned for more!


NSS or Bust

 Mailer for this year's stationery show! Booth 1129!

Mailer for this year's stationery show! Booth 1129!

Only a few more weeks until The National Stationery Show and I am a little excited and a wee-bit scared. Have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff, a balcony and look straight down? You know that "holy shit" moment when you realize how high you are? Yep, that is me right now. Looking down, going over in my head, thinking did I pack a parachute just in case. 

I know when you go big with something and really want something bad, it is full of fear, uncertainty and more. There is nothing that can prepare you for those feelings you have and how to deal with them. Trust me I have looked! Yeah I know make a list, breathe, cry—doing that daily! But what about the other things, like "I am really doing this"?  Reality hits you in the face. 

For some people things come easy, the right place and the right time for everything. However not everyone has that kind of luck and when the alignment happens to you, go with it! Or in this case Jump off that cliff and enjoy it. Of course I am afraid of failing or falling! Crap I am completely scared out of my mind. I have never done anything on this scale in my life and that is just it...it's my life. I am in a new frame of mind. And guess what—I love it! I know not everyone will like my stuff or even get me, it's ok. That's part of it and I totally fine. 

For the first time, in a really long time I feel more alive that this goal is coming to fruition. I have surrounded myself with the people to get me there; friends and family to push me through the doubts and my wacky schedule that is super tight! I have to say they are amazing. Especially the friend that asks every day if I am kicking ass to get the things for the show done! Thank you my friend! 

So as of today: mailer done and out, booth space paid for, booth design paid for, order forms done, post show mailers done and other little more behind the scenes house keeping. Whew! 

I'm jumping!

 Tradeshow Bootcamp: Paper Camp 2016

Tradeshow Bootcamp: Paper Camp 2016

So, when I posted last it was about me taking control of my year. I personally felt that putting that out there would make me more accountable for all my actions in terms of reaching my full potential and quick making excuses to make shit happen. Let me just say this, our universe heard me loud and clear. 

Last weekend I was a "camper" at the Tradeshow Paper Camp which is hosted by Katie Hunt and her amazing team of past campers, buyers, and reps. It was the most well rounded panel with their experience, words of wisdom and insight that blows your mind. Yes, I highly recommend this! However don't ask me what all was said, its better going in with an idea of what it's about and having a big reveal of what is thrown at you. Don't even worry about looking at your watch, it doesn't matter...trust me.

 Me and my new "accountability buddy", Susan with Neptune Creations. 

Me and my new "accountability buddy", Susan with Neptune Creations. 

I left that weekend not just inspired but driven. A plan was being made in my mind of what my next steps are and how I am going to pull this off. I know that if I want Tiramisu Paperie to grow to a business that provides for my family, give my son a future and feed my soul, I have to go big.
Ladies and germs, I booked my booth at The National Stationery Show for this year. 

This is HUGE! It's the big push to make my dreams reality and take control of your future. Honestly, when was the last time you did that? Just stand on the ledge of life and jump toward your goals. It's scary as hell but so amazing! I fell alive, crazy, excited, nervous, overwhelmed, and more, but that is part of it. 

I have my lists of "to-do's", friends that hold me accountable and a family that is patient. Thank God for that! I will post my journey and give you a few sneak peeks of the new stuff rollin' out!

Until then, "stay sweet"!

New year and taking control. Are you?

New year and taking control. Are you?

This year is my year at least that is what I am telling myself. Over the last four plus years, I have had tragedy come at me like a torpedo. Won't get into the crazy details but lets just say rebuilding my family, career, home was part of it and I am grateful for all of it. Why? It has made me stronger and more focused getting back on track. 

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10 Things to do when you just need to get through the day!

 Chin up and Tits Out! Own that crazy daY!  Tiramisu paperie © 2015 

Chin up and Tits Out! Own that crazy daY!  Tiramisu paperie © 2015 

Some days are easier than others and when those days hit you need to just get through. Here are my tips on making your day easier.

1. Get a coffee! Get your favorite cup o'joe and savor the flavor. 
2. Turn the music up! Put in your "jam" and feel it. Not just sing it, FEEL IT!
3. People Watch. Why? Because it is so entertaining. (Don't judge.)
4.Make a list and tackle that bad boy.
5.Text a friend using nothing but emoji's or animated gifs. 
6. Work out. This is one I look forward to when I can. 
7. Sit outside in the sun. 
8. Call your Mom! Need I say more. (I wish I could-insert frowny face)
9. Repeat after me..."Not my circus. Not my monkies" 
10. Love yourself!

If you have anything that you do that is unique and awesome on lifting spirits please share!

And so it begins...

Wow! Finally relaunching this site and with so much more development with Tiramisu Paperie. This past year has been amazing, things are growing and opportunities are being seized. With this kind of movement operations have to grow too. I am so happy to now have my husband on board! Meet our Director of Operations, Brian Sarmento! 

With Brian coming on board, my time to create increases and our family can be together. Having a child with autism or should I now say teen, we needed to start creating a future for him and this will start exactly that. Having the two of us grow the business can show him work ethic, determination, advocacy and most importantly independence. Now its not always going to be a bed of roses, come on lets be honest. However this will definitely help us make a fun blog post from time to time. 

Stay sweet!