I can't see you

                                        Tiramisu Paperie © 2015

                                       Tiramisu Paperie © 2015

This week has been a little frustrating and awesome at the same time. That’s life, we are dealt with ups and downs, joy and sorrow in one breath. But the thing that put me on my ass was when I was overlooked. Now what am I talking about? Atmy age I think I still look younger than most, mostly due to an amazing hair stylist, good genes and being short. Not to mention I have a sense of humor of a teenage boy. Anywhooooo...

The other day I went to the coffee shop stood behind two women in their 20s, then came along a man in after me, went passed me and asked the two women have they ordered so he could proceed in front of me. Ok I am short but not that short. I turned and of course looked at him with a bit of confusion and angst. Wouldn’t you? Hello! I am standing right here, see me, the woman with the big ass bag and butt to match! You can’t miss me. Then the next day, yes this continues, I have to go the Apple store which is love-hate thing. My iMac decided it needed a new logic board, as I carry in this machine which is the 27” monitor (yes I like things that are big and I do see a trend) not one man offered to help. They look at me and proceed to pass me, not open a door, move out of the way or anything. So I ask, when did it become okay NOT to be a gentlemen or even acknowledge a person period.

I get flustered. Is it because I am raising a boy and hope to God he doesn’t do that? Or is it because I am now having to deal with the fact I am not a spring chicken? Good grief it’s freaking me out. I know age is just a number and a mindset, but is my face showing the wear and tear of my crazy youth? (Saving that for another blog post.) Therefore I ask you, why is this bothering me so? 

I guess that is why I design what I do. There are days like this that even I need a lift or kick in the rear to know that its not me its them. I have a husband that loves me, but what is it about the judgment of others that we need validation from? As I have gotten older I have started to care less about what other people think of me and not give them space in my head. However, no matter what I am person, a human that has feelings. As a result this pisses me off because I don’t want to care and I want to be “whatever”! But I am not "whatever",  
I am sensitive and wear my heart on my sleeve being extremely transparent with my emotions. So if you or anyone else feel this way raise your hand! 

If you or someone you know suffers from being overlooked, don't let them get down. Let them know you see them for who they are inside and out. Tell them they are awesome and beautiful because they matter! *This has been a Tiramisu Service Announcement*