New year and taking control. Are you?

My 2016 Vision Board

This year is my year at least that is what I am telling myself. Over the last four plus years, I have had tragedy come at me like a torpedo. Won't get into the crazy details but lets just say rebuilding my family, career, home was part of it and I am grateful for all of it. Why? It has made me stronger and more focused getting back on track. 

We have all been there I am sure, but the question we have with ourselves is simple, "how do I rebuild?". Its easy, one step at a time. Time does wonders and I have let it wrap its days and nights around me like a security blanket to bring me back to a healthy perspective. 

So, in 2016, I have a vision board I know its woo-woo but it can't hurt. I have decided that this year is my year I have to be a little selfish and go after my dreams I have for me and my family. Judge if you will, I could let life take control of me or I could control my life. Guess what I decided to do. 

I believe if I put this out there more you my friends can help me become accountable and honest. I plan on doing the following:
1.  Make my marriage and family stronger than ever.
2. Make this stationery and gift business my full-time gig.
3. Eat clean. (I need ton of help on this. )
4. Work out my mind, body and soul. 
5. Travel more.
6. Hand-letter more.
7. Find more ways to reach my goals versus making excuses.
8. Blog more.
9. Financially smarter. 
10. Read more. 
11. Stay present.
12. Rekindle friendships: Those from my youth, high school and college.

What are the things on your list for 2016?! Share and comment so we can keep each other accountable!