Merry F'ing Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, people. This means celebrations are in order: bring on family time, friends, ugly sweaters, festive parties, Santa, engagements, Elf, decorated trees, twinkling lights, delicious desserts, food, and of course, wine (duh – wine down Wednesday so I had to include it. But also, wine is obvi important regardless of the day of the week so……………………..) 

This time of year can also be the most melancholy and lonesome for many people for a plethora of reasons; therefore, this blog post simply challenges you to tell those around how much they mean to you today. Tell them your favorite memory together. Tell them your first impression of them when you first met. Tell them the moment you knew they were someone special, and you knew they were needed in your life. Tell with them why you appreciate and treasure who they are,wholeheartedly.

Let’s share the love this season – the cost is free. Be thankful. Be hopeful. Be kind.

Sappy post over – bahumbug, bitch.

Below, my friends, is some exciting stuff, and all I can say is YOU ARE WELCOME.

Eola Hills Wine Cellers has a series of wine entitled “Reindeer Label Series” that you MUST check out because 1) the names are incredible and 2) they each come with a poem as their description. I. Cannot. EVEN. There is time to order before Christmas so DO IT NOW!

Personal favorite is the Rudolph’s Red, which is a pinot noir:


Photo by Eola Hills Wine Cellers

Photo by Eola Hills Wine Cellers

History tells us of that famous flight
When Rudolph’s nose lit up the night. 
But down in the cellar, Santa was thinking
“What special wine would people be drinking?” 
The elves and the reindeer were gathered around
In hopes that a holiday wine would be found. 
Then Rudy stepped forward, the place was a hush
“Let’s bottle a red, we’ve already got a blush.” 
“You’re right,” Santa exclaimed, “Red wine we can do! 
Thanks, dear Rudy, we’ll name it for you.” 
So Rudolph’s red is the newest edition
Just in time for this Christmas tradition.

So drink all the wine - you’ll be out like a light,

Merry F’ing Christmas to all, and to all a good night.