NSS or Bust

 Mailer for this year's stationery show! Booth 1129!

Mailer for this year's stationery show! Booth 1129!

Only a few more weeks until The National Stationery Show and I am a little excited and a wee-bit scared. Have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff, a balcony and look straight down? You know that "holy shit" moment when you realize how high you are? Yep, that is me right now. Looking down, going over in my head, thinking did I pack a parachute just in case. 

I know when you go big with something and really want something bad, it is full of fear, uncertainty and more. There is nothing that can prepare you for those feelings you have and how to deal with them. Trust me I have looked! Yeah I know make a list, breathe, cry—doing that daily! But what about the other things, like "I am really doing this"?  Reality hits you in the face. 

For some people things come easy, the right place and the right time for everything. However not everyone has that kind of luck and when the alignment happens to you, go with it! Or in this case Jump off that cliff and enjoy it. Of course I am afraid of failing or falling! Crap I am completely scared out of my mind. I have never done anything on this scale in my life and that is just it...it's my life. I am in a new frame of mind. And guess what—I love it! I know not everyone will like my stuff or even get me, it's ok. That's part of it and I totally fine. 

For the first time, in a really long time I feel more alive that this goal is coming to fruition. I have surrounded myself with the people to get me there; friends and family to push me through the doubts and my wacky schedule that is super tight! I have to say they are amazing. Especially the friend that asks every day if I am kicking ass to get the things for the show done! Thank you my friend! 

So as of today: mailer done and out, booth space paid for, booth design paid for, order forms done, post show mailers done and other little more behind the scenes house keeping. Whew!