The Biggest Reason

When you decided to start working for yourself there are many reasons to do so. For instance, you want to be your own boss for starters, you want freedom in your day, you want to follow your passion, you want to work on your terms etc. Those are all pretty true with me however my reason is bigger than that. My reason is 15 years old, 200 pounds and sometimes drives me to be a little punchy when can't let go. His name is Michael and he is my son. 

Michael is the reason for me starting this company Tiramisu Paperie along with doing what I love-design. You see he is on the Autism spectrum along with sensory processing disorder and bipolar. Yep my hands are full and I truly believe that he is the biggest blessing I could of ever asked for. He has taught me more than I could ever imagine. Now for my friends that truly know me, I do not favor patience however I have gotten better because of this kid. He has helped me learn to just let shit go and not care what others think, he has taught me to just be, to be authentic, to be direct-which I already was now I am even stronger with that sorry. I probably know more about Star Wars™ than the average woman and can appreciate the same movie over and over and over again. Now when he keeps rewinding to the same spot that tests my limits.

As Michael is getting older I am learning that he may not be able to have the typical college life or career for sustaining on his own financially. There are awesome college programs for kids like him and he will be part of them. Now what he wants to do for a living is a matter that is different all together. So this is where Tiramisu Paperie comes in. A-ha!

This kid is a BADASS! Love him! Photo by Amy Nichole Photography

This kid is a BADASS! Love him! Photo by Amy Nichole Photography

This company is for him, I am going to give him a future that will allow him to pay his bills, buy his games and more. He has been helping me sort cards, organize the items, bag card and tags, stuff pillows and help with other little jobs. His organizations skills and attention to detail come in handy when you are sorting out orders. Any way I can get him involved I will. I want him to have responsibility and knowing that when you work hard you do get rewarded. His reward is more video games right now and if he wants them he has to help and know the value of things-games are f'ing expensive! I know right now he doesn't see the big picture, he may never truly do. But I hope that one day it may click. 

Now I know some people think that well its just cards with type but you know what, you don't have to get it but if you can see that this is something for Michael then you are open to understanding this mission. I will do what ever it takes to make sure he is successful, I will defend him to the ends of the Earth and not stop until he is best possible version of himself. This kid is a badass and he is mine! What these cards say are little motivations to get me and others through the day because having a special needs child is not a walk in the park. You have days where you feel emotionally and physically exhausted. You are constantly fighting battles that are with doctors, medicines, therapies, no you can't wear the same clothes 5 days in a row, please try this food, please go outside and get sun, sounds that set him off, etc. It can be daunting but it is also rewarding when he can overcome some of these things. 

When you see our products in stores or online, know that Michael has a hand in it. Together he and I will make sure your spirits are lifted and you smile knowing we gave you a little pick me up.