Wine Down Wednesday: Embrace The Glorious Mess That You Are

Alarm Buzzing.

No. Just 5 more minutes. (which now turned into 30 mins and you’re going to be late.)

Coffee. Traffic. Phone call. Spilled coffee. Twenty unread emails. Four text messages. Left the laundry in the washer-Oh my God the Smell! Annnnnd now your coffee is cold. Ugh. It’s only 8:45am…how am I going to get through this day today? Is it tomorrow yet?...

I am sure this is looking all too familiar for some of you—I know I have been here, more often than not if I’m being honest because let’s face it—life is messy. I have a first class ticket on that hot mess express basically every day of my life. And then I spend my day pondering what I should have done. Or what I could be doing. Or what I am going to do next time and blah blah blah—trying to perfect every detail of my day…

But why?

Seriously though—in the grand scheme of things, do you ever just take a step back when you are consumed with the idea of perfection and ask yourself “is this really worth it?”

I am not saying you shouldn’t strive for perfection—you should. You should want to be the best version of yourself. You should want to be passionate about what you do. You should give it all you got. But if you make a mistake, miss that opportunity, … if you fail… it’s okay. It really is.

Last night I was supposed to have a draft of this blog post completed, but then I subbed a Zumba class, and then my house was infected by cockroaches. YES - COCKROACHES. And then I was in this huge panic because I needed to get this blog done because I said I would and I want to be true to my word. Then my father called me and wanted to chat and I couldn’t pass that up. I haven’t been getting a ton of sleep lately because I am working on so many projects that are consuming my time and the anxiety of getting everything done was just building… it’s 12:00am and I just sat down to write the post and all I could think about was: I need to get this done, I need to get this done… And yet, here I am finishing this Wednesday morning (which is late by the way)—and that is okay with me. (Sorry, Lisa—forgive me) 

Lisa here and my life is a constant mess and you know-it's okay. My office looks horrible, my car looks like a pack rat lives in the back seat. I have to-do lists a mile long and I have boxes upon boxes of product that I can't organize until I have space. But its okay. I am happy despite all of this. Why? Well...

We have a choice every day in how we react. We can either choose to accept what is happening in our lives and take it on full force, or we can choose to let the little messes beat us down: emotionally, physically, and mentally. And that is just exhausting and a waste of our precious energy. Finances, children, sickness, clutter, forgetfulness, marriage, family, sports, career or whatever your mess may be… please, do not let that consume your life in a negative way. CHOOSE to embrace it. Embrace the glorious mess that you are. No one has it all together and if they say they do, they are LYING. It is a part of being human. But what can set you apart—what can make the difference… is all on you—glorious you. Make the choice. 

WEDNESDAY WINE: RELAX Riesling… so you can relax. You’re not alone in your mess! Drink up, buttercup. Tomorrow is another day. Another mess. Another glorious you.



p.s. THE COCKROACH PROBLEM IS STILL A THING FOR ME, but I will just choose to see them as little friends and potentially name them. It’s the little thing in life…