Wine Down Wednesday: Be F'ing Brave

Be F’ing Brave

Oh heyyyy, good people – happy Wine Down Wednesday part II,
and I have a serious question for you: On a scale of 1-Sara Bareilles, how brave are you? 

(Laugh at my joke and then seriously ask yourself the question… and if you are not yelling "SAY WHAT YOU WANNA SAYYYYYY" right now, well then a) google that and b) you need to read this post)

My roommate and myself found ourselves having an amazing discussion on what it means to be brave in today’s society. We came to the conclusion that the following four topics (in no particular order) are extremely common fears/doubts we all have had one time or another, or honestly, still have…. but if you seek bravery, I know you will live a happier, richer life and most importantly, you will come to wholeheartedly love yourself for who you are. 

1) Falling in love again

It is never easy when a relationship or marriage comes to and end, no matter how long it lasted. Also, I think we should all acknowledge that it can be equally as heartbreaking to be the dumper as it is to be the dumpy (and this is coming from someone who has been left 3 times HAHA – glad I can laugh about it now). But regardless, I get it - it’s emotionally and physically exhausting, time consuming, and brutally painful. That feeling in the pit of your stomach is something you can never forget about. I think it’s safe to say that after a relationship, we typically tend to play the ‘poor me’ card: what if I never find someone again? What if I never love someone like that again? Or worse…what if no one will ever love ME again?Which are completely normal thoughts, by the way. It’s a vicious cycle that plays on repeat in your head probably 95% of your day for some time after, but we cannot let that mindset control your future relationships. 

Take courage. 

Love is a special, special thing. It is NEVER something to take for granted or doubt. You can and you will be able to love and be loved again, even after whatever pain you are experiencing. It may not seem okay now, but I promise it will all make sense in the end. Love is a peculiar thing and it’s definitely worth the fight. Just be brave.  

2) Self Worth

NEVER EVER EVER… let anyone make you feel inferior. You are here for a reason—a very unique purpose. No one can take that from you: no one. Yes, we all have our bad habits, our ugly moments and decisions, or our “messes”…. but remember? We embrace the glorious mess that we are. Maybe you’re getting slack from your best friend, your parents, husband, wife, etc… Maybe you were turned away or lost your job. Whatever happens in your life that challenges your self-worth, IGNORE IT..

Hey friends, Lisa here. Oh do I ever struggle with my own self worth. This is something no matter what good things that happen to me I question myself and ask do I actually deserve what is happening. I have a little more years on Rebekah and trust me I have made some stupid ugly decisions and have had some serious life messes. Those messes and decisions have taught me to learn to love myself, forgive myself and realize that what I am going through I need to be open to the experience and I do deserve the success that I am having. I have lost it all and now I am on an upswing of things that are good. It took me a long time to realize that I need to appreciate what is happening. People question what I do constantly with Tiramisu Paperie and make me question what I am constantly doing. So I have to learn daily to let them question because myself worth is not dependent on their judgement. Just be brave.

3) Forgiveness

This is by far easier said than done. It takes an incredible amount of that selflessness to forgive someone, it really does. You must set your ego aside, along with your frustration, anger, bitterness, sadness, hurt and resentment. Those emotions will only linger in your head and hurt, and probably bring more negativity into your life. Seriously, how exhausting is it to hold a grudge? In all honesty, if it is not exhausting for you, I need to understand how so please, let’s get coffee and discuss.. Don’t waste negative energy on people who do not enrich your soul. Choose to be kind to them, let whatever it is that they did to you go, and love them anyway. You will not regret it. Like I said, this is definitely not easy… but just be brave. 

4) Failure

This one hits closest to home for me personally. My roommate and I have lived under the same roof for literally 8 years. And long story short: within a matter of three weeks we decided that we were going to move to Nashville after graduation… so, without a job, without knowing anyone, without even seeing our apartment (yay Skype), aaaaand without an instrument because we are not in the music biz, we packed our cars with whatever could fit and made our way down south. We had come to find out about a year after we made it in music city that several of our closest friends had actually said “We expected you to fail…” and honestly, I was scared we would too. It’s not like we had mom and dad’s paychecks down here because we seriously didn’t. We had what we brought from home and nothing else. I have never cried myself to sleep more nights in my life. It was absolutely terrifying. 

And yet, here we are. With jobs, friends, and a cute house in East Nashville.

The fear of failure has the power to destroy your confidence, drive, and hope. But here’s the secret: it’s okay to fail. It is the only way we can truly learn. It humanizes us, giving us the little reminder that we are not perfect. Failure should not scare you. It should challenge you to be better. It’s the ultimate test of your bravery… 

So just be brave.  

So tell us.. How are you going to show how big your brave is today? 

Here, I’ll save you the google search:

WINE: Cab Sav from Justin Winery – BE BOLD. Just like the wine :)