Hello, Sunshines –  

Can we all just take a moment to say together:
T - G – I – F …
I know. Feels good, right? Like that first sip of your morning cup of joe that you had today. Mmmm.

It’s been a while since our last blog post—it’s a good thing though, really. Tiramisu Paperie has had some pretty exciting things happening lately. Those details to come later! But for now… I’m truly delighted to introduce to you our next blog series:


Let me break it down for you:


Every Wednesday. Why Wednesday? BECAUSE WEDNESDAY – need I say more? And also Wednesday and Wine sound nice together. Alliteration for the win.


Yours truly: Lisa and Rebekah* (wait, who is Rebekah? See below)


There will be a theme to every post and that theme will also be your mantra for the week.


We will pair a different wine with every post because wine is simply always the answer to every problem. Fact. Google it.


Consider this as a “you’re thinking it, we are going to say it” post that will hopefully inspire, encourage, amuse, and reassure you that you are not alone in this world. WARNING: This will be real. This will be raw. Shit happens…  and we will get through it – together.

SO – who is excited for their first Wine Down Wednesday? (LOL who has every been excited about a Wednesday let’s be honest here…

Stay tuned…

L & R


hello! I’m rebekah ( aka tiramisu paperie's social chair). 
i love the stillness of the morning. chocolate makes the world go ‘round. I have a degree in communication and english. i think elephants are the most beautiful, fascinating creatures ever created. red wine and coffee truly are good for the soul. my favorite color is peach. foggy, rainy days are my favorite. i teach zumba and i love it. i was born and raised in small town, south dakota. never mistake my kindness for weakness. laughing is the best. i believe in Love, miracles, and happily ever after. and yes, dreams do come true.