Starting a movement

My daily life and I am happy!

My daily life and I am happy!

This past year friends has been insane. Last February I went to Trade Show Paper Camp and got the validation I needed to jump off that cliff to make my business the priority it needed. It was by far one of the BEST decisions I ever made. Then I got my little self ready for the National Stationery Show which was amazing, took that win and got myself a few reps, went to the Las Vegas Gift Mart and bam-this is working! I can't stress how crazy and exhilarating the ride has been and continues to be. 

Why is today the day I post about this? Well let me tell you. It is exactly 5 years ago I lost my mom. It was 5 years ago my heart broke into a million and one pieces and no one or no thing could put it back together again. Sure if you knew my mom and I we had our moments but we also had a connection that a nuclear bomb could not destroy. As I have taken this journey to make a successful business, I yearn for her to be here with me as I make every decision. She was so savvy with business and honest to a fault-I NEED THAT! She knew it and that's why she spoke to me in the manner that she did. It was a push that gave the fire inside me more heat.  You know what I am talking about right? That one person that knows how to push you to excel to the best version of yourself. Yep she was that. She also had a bit of a control thing to her but I learned to navigate it and made it seem like it was her idea. Years of practice I tell you. 

In honor of all moms that motivate... what I am about to tell you is connected (connect how?? Explain to me what you mean and then I'll edit this little section!) and a little serendipitous in a way. I partnered with to launch a campaign to grow my business. It is pretty amazing because, well, it is all about us females kicking ass and taking control of our destiny. My campaign is to grow the business to a larger scale - one that will allow me to employ people and get the business out of this house. OYE! I want to employ those with special needs and give them a chance to succeed. My son, as you know, is autistic and bipolar; therefore, the chances for him to get a job right out of high school or even now are slim. Not many want to take a risk. It's sad really I must admit. That being said, I am going to be the warrior mom that makes a career for my son and others like him. Are you with me? If you are, then go here to read all about it.

Also, my mom would be pretty excited about this - she loved my son and he adored her. He still asks for her when he has a bad day. Trust me buddy, I do too. Please, today hug your mom a little tighter. Call and tell her you love her. I am serious! You need to, no matter how old you are. And if you are like me and have lost your mom, I got you! I am sending you hugs and more hugs. All the love to you -