Happy New Year

Holy crap on a cracker! It's 2018 and I can remember the years of my youth when I thought that 2018 was so futuristic. Either I am getting old or I had one hell of an imagination. This year like every year I am determined to make my life better. It's funny how we spend so much time thinking how to make our lives better but never really put it in to action. So in order for me to make this words that I say happen I am putting them out there for you to see and hold my ass accountable. If you need me to do that for you too let me know, happy to do so. 

FIRST: Say good-bye to self doubt. 
How many of us as business owners struggle with this? We get so busy, we start thinking negative things and think we can't instead of "OH I GOT THIS!". Well NO MORE I tell you. I have noticed with the growth our business has had last year I let this little demon get the best of me. Yep. I am human and I had a few little crying sessions because of self doubt. So if you think I have a perfect handle on things...think again. I get caught up in things I shouldn't, let others dictate how I SHOULD feel and that starts the self doubt spiral. We all have had that happen and if you tell me no, then good for you. Tell me your secrets!


SECOND: Be a Badass with a Good Ass!
Yep, exactly that. I notice that when I work out my mind, my spirit and my soul are in tune with everything and I can tell that self doubt "bye bitch" easier than if I don't. Working out helps me with that. Did you know that working out with weights helps you become more productive and handle more things as once? Also dancing helps with memory. Along with this stationery life I have I teach Zumba one day a week. It totally lifts my moods from blah to amazing. And do does working out in general. This year, get on that schedule of working out. 

THIRD: Listen more.
Sounds simple. But really listening is hard work and listening to your gut is the hardest. I said yes to things that I thought would be good for me and my business. Ya, no it really wasn't and once I listened to my gut I felt better about a lot of things. I jumped into saying yes to things that I thought would be good, but it stressed me out more. My heart wasn't in it and at the end of the day took me further away from my end goal. Um ya, gotta listen to that gut.

So there. Three simple things to help start this New Year right. Share what your top three things are for your 2018. What are you doing to better yourself?